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Amulet Lp Arkom Wat Dau Nimit


= Ven. Luang Phor Arkom Prakru Anurat Waapheephisai
(B.E. 2466 - 2547)

The Late Chief Abbot Of Wat Dau Nimit
‘Ampher’ Bung Sam Phan Nai District
‘Changwat’ Phetchabun Province
The Kingdom of Thailand

= Miraculous Knowledge

If we look at the ‘Bosth’ of Wat Dau Dau Nimit closely, it looks like a temple in the sky. The Thai word ‘Dau Nimit’ means ‘Shining Stars’. Once there was a soldier who was traveling to another province, stopped by Wat Dau Nimit for a short visit. He was impressed by the beauty of the ‘Bosth’ and took some pictures. When the photo was developed, he was surprised to see the rays emitting at the upper section of the ‘Bosth’. The next day, the soldier went back to Wat Dau Nimit to consult Luang Phor about the strange photo’s of the ‘Bosth’. Apparently, the upper section of the ‘Bosth’ was the secret hiding placed, where Luang Phor installed powerful scared objects to protect the ‘Bosth’. It was recorded that LP Arkom has reached the highest knowledge of advanced meditation which covers the ability to perform phenomenon miracles. It is believed that, when Luang Phor is away from Wat Dau Nimit, his spirit (2nd LP Arkom) remains there to look after the temple. His ability to perform amazing miracles are due to many century of strict practice of Buddhist studies, Dharma and mediation.

One night, while Luang Phor was in deep meditation inside the ‘Bosth’ during the ‘Lent’ month, suddenly the power went off. When Luang Phor opened his eyes to check on the condition, he saw an aura above his head releasing bright rays that disperse the darkness inside the ‘Bosth’. It was an incredible attainment for Luang Phor. Some believed that he is already at the early stage to Arahant-hood and will attain Arahant-ship when he departs from this world. It is true that LP Arkom could detect and read a person’s mind. The author has personally experience it many times. Once, Luang Phor was asking me something about my personal matter, and before I could answer him, he already spoke out the answer which was on my mind. I just kept quite and listened to him. He is also known for his scared mouth, that whatever statement he made will always come through.

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