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LP Pherm Wat KlangBangKaew

Luang Pu Pherm was born on a Friday, 28th January B.E.2429 in the Year of the Dog in the district of Nakhon Chaisi in province of Nakhon Pathom. His father is named Gert and mother named Wan, born of the family surname of Pongampon.

Luang Pu became a novice at the age of 8 and was officially ordained at the age of 21 on the 12th of July B.E.2450. He was ordained in Wat Klang Bang Keaw and the ceremony was presided over by Somdej Sangkarat Pae of Wat Suthat. Luang Pu's preceptor was Phra Atikarn Jom of Wat Tukata in Nakhon Chaisi and Luang Pu studied in Wat Klang Bang Keaw throughout his monastic life.

Luang Pu Pherm's appointments:

1. Officially appointed as the Chao Awat of Wat Klang Bang Keaw on 5th February B.E.2481.
2. Received a decree from the Sangha council and was appointed as the chief preceptor of Nakhon Chaisi on 4th December B.E.2482.
3. Appointed as Chao Kana Ampheur, the Chief monk of district Nakhon Chais on 8th April B.E.2483.
4. Received the title of Phra Rat Taan Somnasak on 1st March B.E.2489.
5. Received the title of Phra Rat Taan Leau Somnasak on 5th December B.E.2495.
6. Received the title of Phra Ratcha Kan Na Chan Saaman on 5th December B.E.2503
7. Due to Luang Pu's old age and achievement, he was given an honourary title by the Sangha council in the year B.E.2520.

Luang Pu passed away on 6th January B.E.2526 around 4.50am, at the age of 97 years old and spending 76 rainy seasons as a monk.

Luang Pu consecrated many types of amulets during his lifetime, many of which resembles his teacher Luang Pu Boon's amulets. They consist of Rian, Biakae, Phra Kreung, Phong Ya Chindamanee, etc. It is known that Luang Pu Pherm's amulets are as good as his teacher's and that his amulets are also sought after for their miracles.

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