Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Gumanthong Achan Noi Payakakkhie Prov Chonburi KODE GBU

Achan Noi Payakakkhie

Video Achan Noi Sedang Blessing Gumanthong
Achan Noi Payakakkhie of Samnak Achan Noi Payakkakhie, Chonburi province is a disciple of Achan Tong (His teacher in Cambodia)
who passed on knowledge about magic of Look krok (Ghost baby amulet) and Guman thong to Achan Noi.
He has been studied about the way to recite incantations over Look krok and Guman thong from Achan Thong at Cambodia.
A while he studied with Achan thong, he also has ever studied charm magic from Mea Kuu Nai.
When he was 18 years old, he took leave from his 2 teachers for aim his experience by his self.
He has skill in many sacred objects such as Gumanprai, Look krok thongkum, etc

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