Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Phra pidta LP Ding Wat Bangwau Chachaungsao

LP Ding Wat Bangwau
 Phra pidta Phim Nur Mekkapath BE 2483
= certificates Competition =
Sudah Casing Silver
Biograpi LP Ding Wat Bangwau Chachaungsao
 LP Ding was a magical expert and a former abbot of Wat BangWua Chachaungsao Province. He was born on the 14th March 1877 in Chachaungsao Province. He got ordained as a monk when he was 20 in 1897 at Wat Bang Wau. He studied magic with many guru monks such as LP Dit of Wat BangSaMak Chachaungsao Province; LP Poen of Wat Ban Kao, Chonburi Province; LP Por of Wat JuanKhueanKhan, Samutprakan Province, etc. LP Ding was famous for his powerful amulets. He was respected by a lot of people. LP Ding passed away in 1952.

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