Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

Lp Kalong Khotchasan Prap Hong Sa

ceremony :
1. Join strongly blessed in a grand ceremony of LP Nuam's amulet in “Na Sette Maha SamRed” Batch at Wat Pothisrichareon, Suphan Buri Province in 10 December 2008.
2. Join strongly blessed the amulets in grand ceremony of “KieowGaew Prakasit” amulet of LP Kalong in 28 January 2009.
3. Join strongly blessed in a grand ceremony of “KrobSian Jow Ngor Pa Riak Sap Rap Ngurn” amulet of LP Dang of Wat HuayChaLaung, Uttaradit province in 27 March 2009.
There three crecemonies were arranged at Wat Suthat. In addition, LP Kalong firmly blessed the amulets in “Khum Sap KhiaoGaew 52” every night for 5 months since November 2008 until March 2009.
Finally, LP Kalong with LP Siri from Wat Tan, LP Surin from Wat Sukaram and 9 top monks firmly blessed the amulets followed ancient magic on 9 May 2009.
Powerful: Phaya Khotchasan Prap Hong Sa of LP Kalong has supernatural power about bring great wealth, luck, success and good business to worshiper. Besides, there is superb power about protect the worshiper from dangers, accidents, harms and bad things.
Presented: there are many holy masses under a base of the amulet such as a tiny coin, a tiny Takrut and holy oil mixed with holy powders.

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