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Nangkwak Nur Nga Chang Lp Horm Wat Chak Mak BE 2515

Material Ivory/Gading Gajah Sudah Waterproof Case
Power Full Metta Mahaniyom & Good Business

history Lp horm : Lp Horm merits were noticed by the 9th king and he was officially given the rank of dhamma instructor in paly level 3 and the title phrakru phawananuyoke during the state ceremony in celebrations of the king' birthday on 5th december B.E.2507.As this was an extremely important part in lp horm life,his disciples and devotees helped to produce a batcha of roop meuan of lp horm which is inserted with a kring inside. this was his first batch of roop meuan amulets an his second batch of rian was also consecrated in his same ceremony. in fact,every batch of amulets produced by lp horm have many miracles whic were related by witnesses young and old.everybody in the village believed that lp horm amulets were consecrated with the intention to help all sentient being and this actually helped to alleviate their worries and sufferings.

lp horm was on of the 108 famous guru monks who were invited to participate in the grand consecration ceremony of the leela sattawas amulet for the commemoration of 2,500 years of buddhism. his reputation was so famous by the year B.E.2500 that after the consecration ceremony in sanam luang, there was a stampede caused by many devotees who rushed to get lp horm to bless their amulets again personally. the situation was so chaotic that the lay disciples had to intervence and implore the devotees who chaotic that the lay disciples had to intervene and implore the devotees not to rush so that there will not be any danger or accidents.
lp horm passe away peacefully of old age around 5 a.m. on the 13th of april,B.E.2520 in a hospital at the naval base of sattaheep,chonburi.he was 87 year old and had spent 51 rainy seasons as amonk and on the 23rd of april B.E.2521,hewas cremated at wat chak mak and the funeral pyre was officially lighted by the 9th king who personally attended the ceremony

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