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History Phra Achan Plien Panyapatipo Wat Arunyawiwake Chiangmai

Phra Achan Plien Panyapatipo (Wongsachan - family name prior to ordination) was born on 16 November 1933, year of the rooster, at Koakdon Village, Koaksi Subdistrict, Sawang Dandin District, Sakon Nakon Province.  His father’s name is Ging; his mother’s Oradee.  Phra Achan Plien has five brothers and one sister. He is the third child of the family. His grandfather, Koon Joonratchapakdi, and his grandmother raised him since young until he finished primary four.  Once he turned 11 years old, his mother asked him to help his father on the family business. Phra Achan Plien gained an interest in medical practice when he was 18 years old.  He started to treat patients under the guidance of a district doctor who was his relative. He also had a plan to pursue his study in Medical at Chulalongkorn Hospital in Bangkok but his mother preferred him to help the family business.

Phra Achan Plien wanted to enter the monkhood since he was 12 years old. However, his ordination took place on 31 March 1959 (25 years old) at Wat Tat Mee Chai, Koak Don Village, Koak Sri Subdistrict, Sawang Dandin District, Sakon Nakon Province. Phra Kru Adul Sangkakit was his preceptor.  Phra Kru Pipit Dhamma Soontorn was his ordination-proclaiming teacher and Phra Achan Suparb Dhammapanyo was his teacher for the formal words of ordination.  Phra Achan Plien passed the third level of Dhamma Doctrine exam three years after his ordination. 

After his first rain retreat, Phra Achan Plien started his austere practice to search for salvation in various provinces and met many renowned teachers in northeastern, southern, and northern part of Thailand.  But the teachers whom Phra Achan Plien received tutelage for his Dhamma practice from and served closely were Luang Puu Prom Jirapoonyo, Luang Puu Tate Tate-rangsi, Luang Puu Tuer Arjaladhammo, and Luang Puu Waen Sujinno.  Other teachers included Phra Ajahn Juan Kulachetdho, Luang Puu Khao Analayo, Luang Puu Kamdee Papaso, Luang Puu Chob Thanasamo, Kruba Intajakraksa Intajakko, Luang Puu Saam Akinjano, Phra Ajahn Won Utamo, Luang Puu Waan Dhanapalo, Luang Puu Parng Jittakutto, for example.  All teachers had kindly taught Phra Achan Plien and led him to good progress in his Dhamma practice.


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