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Phra Rahu Lp Pin Wat Srisathong BE2510 Sudah gold case

Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta

Lp Pin Wat Srisathong ,Beliau Adalah Murid Lp Noi Wat Srisathong Pembuat Rahu No 1 Di thailand

Crafted from the single eye coconut. Function: good wealth, lucks, escape from all form of dangers n body harm, authority over ur competitors or enemy, prevent all form of black magic
History of Phra Rahoo:
 Phra Rahoo is the famous auspicious amulet of Wat Srisathong. Phra Rahoo is a mythological monster who is supposed to cause eclipses by taking the moon or the sun in his mouth. He is a kind of giant in Thai myth. The legend is that Pra-Rahoo was an immortal giant because he drank some holy nectar. The temple created Phra Rahoo amulet not only – taking the moon in his mouth – but also taking the sun in his mouth. The legend of creation of Phra Rahoo is that Phra Rahoo was created by the two hermits. One of them was penance in the cave on Nantakhate Mountain. Both of them created magical drawing and magic words in order to sanctify Phra Rahoo amulet. One hermit created magical drawing and magic words of Suriyabuppa (eclipse of the sun period) to sanctify Phra Rahoo which taking the sun in his mouth. The other hermit created magical drawing and magic words of Chandrabuppa (eclipse of the moon in his mouth. The two hermits made those things because they had foresight to know that humans will face with danger and grieves in the future. The auspicious amulet, Phra Rahoo, could help people free from ones.To sanctify Phra Rahoo amulet, it must be made 8 periods for being holy and effective.

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