Kamis, 24 Maret 2016

Phra Pidtha 2 gold takruth Lp Kasem khemako Wat SusanTrailak

Phra Pidtha 2 gold takruth Lp Kasem Khemako belakang 3 "Na" Wat SusanTrailak BE 2537 Juara 2 kontes phra puja,phra kreang dan rien 31 maret 2556 Terdaftar no 287.sudah stainles case dan ada bok kontes
Power for bring good fortune especially business and authority,Prosperity, Wealthy,Protection from bad influence and evil,Improve your luck and fortune.
 Certificates Competition
Phra Pidtha 2 gold takruth Lp Kasem Wat SusanTrailak

Luang Phor Kasem would always point out that as a forest monk he does not require any property. The only things he owned were an alms bowl, his robe he was wearing and a piece of human bone to practice meditations. He did not even own any shoes or even pillow to sleep. To him, a pillow was a luxury. He used to sleep on the ground at the same spot where he was meditasi.

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