Jumat, 01 April 2016

Phra pidta LP Ding Wat Bangwau Chachaungsao Case gold22k Special type Tebal

Phra pidta Phim Nur Mekkapath BE 2483 
= certificates Competition = 
Power Full for,Metta,Kaewklad,Kongkrapun,Mahaaut Sudah Casing gold 22k Special type Tebal

certificates Competition Phra pidta Phim Nur Mekkapath BE 2483 LP.Ding Wat Bang Chachaungsa 

Biograpi LP Ding Wat Bangwau Chachaungsao LP Ding was a magical expert and a former abbot of Wat BangWua Chachaungsao Province. He was born on the 14th March 1877 in Chachaungsao Province. He got ordained as a monk when he was 20 in 1897 at Wat Bang Wau. He studied magic with many guru monks such as LP Dit of Wat BangSaMak Chachaungsao Province; LP Poen of Wat Ban Kao, Chonburi Province; LP Por of Wat JuanKhueanKhan, Samutprakan Province, etc. LP Ding was famous for his powerful amulets. He was respected by a lot of people. LP Ding passed away in 1952.

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